The Florida TQ Late Models were established in 1999 by a group of racers who wanted to enjoy the excitement and adrenalin of racing without the high cost associated with full size race cars.

Based on a set of rules that favor lower cost components yet utilizes late model race car chassis design for safety and adjustability, they have developed a 3/4 scale race car that can race on both asphalt or dirt and that is relatively inexpensive to built, race and maintain.

As a result of their efforts, this racing program now provides an excellent opportunity to experience economical yet competitive racing for young racers as they move up through the ranks as well as for accomplished racers who wish to scale back to something that fits into the family budget while still meeting the need for speed.

Mission Statement

~To build an economical racing series through accountability with non-invasive tech procedures
~Provide safety inspection of all cars and close but clean competition to our members
~Offer to tracks a touring series that exhibits good sportsmanship and exciting racing
~Establish a viable 3/4 scale racing program for the average racing enthusiast

And the 2014 TQ Late Model Champions at Bubba Raceway Park are:

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